Wednesday, March 6, 2013

10 Things I Learned This Weekend...hiatus edition

Ok, so I've been away from the blog for a while.  Get used to it.  I'm going to be away for another while, too, while my wife and I take a trip to Scotland and the Netherlands.  Before I go, I thought I'd resurrect my favorite series.  Here's 10 things:

10.  My latest pair of glasses has a weaker prescription than my prior two.  And I can see better.  It matches a prescription I got a few years ago.  So either my eyes are getting better (doubtful), or someone really wanted to sell me new glasses every year.

9.  The only thing shorter than the reign of Pope Benedict XVI (and his official twitter account) is the length of time the newest department store stayed open in Spencer.  Peebles closes in March.

8.  JC Penney is so desperate to reverse their spiral towards financial oblivion that they're willing to team up with Martha Stewart, (because her stuff sold SO well at Kmart).  Stewart, who served a prison sentence for insider trading, now finds herself in the midst of a lawsuit with Macy's.  Apparently, when they signed an "exclusive deal" with her, they expected her to honor the agreement.

7.  If a Postal worker accidentally delivers your mail to the wrong address or wrong box, and the sender didn't purchase delivery notification or insurance, you have absolutely no recourse.  (Unless the person who received your mail actually opens it up and cashes your which case they are in trouble, but not the person who delivered it to them.

6. The best burgers in the world are made at The Burger Stand (at the Casbah) in Lawrence, KS. 

5. When a pre-teen girl cries and she says she doesn't know why she's crying, she really may actually have no idea why she's crying.

4. I have a friend who talks in their sleep.

3. Regardless of what their teachers may say, when given a computer and time to "study" a sixth grade boy will inevitably wind up Google-ing something that has to do with farts.

2. Regardless of what they may tell you, when given a computer and free time most middle-aged men will wind up Google-ing something that has to do with farts. 

1. And finally, if I have learned anything from being surrounded by so many Iowa State fans it is this: Don't feed the trolls.