Saturday, June 23, 2012

At Long Last

Nearly two years ago I contracted with Pilgrim Press to be part of a collaborative writing team for the Faith Practices curriculum series. It's a church wide curriculum that centers on participating in different spiritual practices for faith formation.   It is a multi-sensory, activity based, non-linear curriculum that incorporates art, music, and technology to enhance the participation experience.  Unfortunately, there were some big delays in the overall project (working with dozens of writers from all over the world simultaneously must be tremendously difficult), but I'm pleased to announce that today, the first component I authored Praying and Making Ritual: Living Practices in Daily Life was released today.

Faith Practices curriculum is available to your entire congregation through a one-time non-expiring subscription, available at

My second component, Discovering Gifts of Ministry: Living Practices in Daily Life will be available in the upcoming year.

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