Friday, December 31, 2010

An update

Hey, everybody!

Just thought I'd stop by and give you all a quick update on how things have been going since my last post.

First of all, I need to thank my family and my congregation for supporting me through what has been by far the most difficult time I have ever faced in my life. You all have been wonderfully supportive and loving. I truly have experienced the grace of Christ through your acceptance, your support, and your compassion.

Second, I recently performed in a play at the Spencer Community Theatre. I assumed the role of Mortimer Brewster in our production of Arsenic and Old Lace. Mortimer is a theatre critic who is engaged to Elaine Harper, but is reluctant to marry her because of his crazy relatives, three of whom are murderers, and one of whom thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt. It was an incredibly great time, especially since my wife played the role of Elaine Harper! I appreciated the efforts of our cast and crew, especially our director, who put up with more setbacks than most could bear. Originally, I was cast as Jonathan Brewster, a psychopathic killer and masochist. My wife was cast as Martha Brewster, one of the murderous old ladies. But two people had to drop out of the cast, so we were moved into these roles.

I also broke my ankle two weeks before opening night. I was putting up Christmas lights on the house. In my attempt to get down onto the ladder I missed and hit the ground instead. My right tibula was broken, my ankle was out of socket, and all the tendons were torn. When my wife found me I was lying on my stomach and my right foot was pointed up to the sky, backwards. Thanks to two screws and a great surgeon I'm now out of my cast and in a walking boot. I have two more weeks in the boot, then eight weeks in an air splint. After that I have rehab and another surgery to remove the screws.

I appreciate your prayers during the last few months. I am certain that God was at all times attentive to your concerns and mine and was interceding on our behalf.

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