Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The other day I was watching TV and saw a trailer for a new movie. Well, sort of a new movie. It's called Death at a Funeral. And while I was watching it I kept thinking, "This is sort of familiar." And then it hit me. I had seen this movie before...just last year.

In 2007 the original version of Death at a Funeral came out. And it was hilarious. It was a British version of the movie, but there was nothing culturally irrelevant to American audiences.

I guess Hollywood decided they needed to dumb it down a little bit more for American audiences to get it. Now it has been revamped with new leading characters, a different racial composite cast chosen solely for the purpose of incorporating racial humor (if you can call racial stereotyping humorous), and a script edited to reflect what seems to be the worst stereotypes of what is cool in America.

What's worse? Peter Dinklage, who played in the original, reappears in the new version. Shame on you, Dinklage. Have some self-respect. You made The Station Agent and now you're stooping to this?

What a crime. This is a remake worth boycotting.

I, for one, will not be seeing the remake, but will certainly be DVR'ing the original next time it appears on cable.

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