Thursday, January 15, 2009

Matt Cleaver on being trained for a job that won't be there long

Matt Cleaver has an excellent, thought-provoking post on how the seminary system is training people to lead institutions that likely won't exist 10-20 years down the road. Here's an excerpt:

"When I was at Solomon’s Porch on Sunday night, Doug Pagitt said something to the effect that when he was going to seminary he was being trained for an industry that was dying and would likely cease to exist (and that those of us in seminary should think about that). He compared it to being trained as a typewriter repairman in the late 80s. It’s a scary thought for those of us pouring thousands of dollars into a seminary degree.

But I think I totally agree."

Read more here.

Methinks it is too cold

When I left my home this morning to take the kids to school (which wasn't until 9:30 because of a temperature-induced late start) the temperature outside was 27 degrees...BELOW ZERO. The wind chill was negative 46 degrees.

I thought I moved to Iowa...not Alaska.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why I read what/whom I read

(Almost) all bloggers have them, sitting there in the side margin of their page, the blog roll. But sometimes you'll see weird things on the blog roll, people whom the author may not agree with, may not even like, or weird blogs about things unheard of. And you wonder, why did they link to this?

I wanted to share with you my blog roll in a bit more formal way. It's always been there on the right hand side of this page. But I want to tell you why I've linked to those particular blogs. I want you to know who these people are and why I read what they have to say.

Maybe you'll start listening to them, too.

Danny Bradfield--"Field of Dandelions"--Danny pastors a small church out in California, and he often writes about his experiences there, with his kids, and his hiking adventures. I read Danny because he's a ministry colleague (a fellow Disciple, too) and because I live vicariously the California lifestyle through him.

Jeremy Zach--"Small Town Youth Pastor"-- JZ also live in California, but I read him mostly for the conversations he starts. Very interesting comments go on regularly.

Tim Keel-- Tim is the founding pastor of Jacob's Well Church in Kansas City. I attended there a while ago when I was on vacation and found it to be really intriguing. Tim is intelligent. You should see what he has to say.

Mark Riddle-- Mark is a friend of mine from Tulsa. He's also a youth ministry consultant and is a house-church leader. Mark has a lot of important things to say, prophetic things about youth ministry especially.

Tony Jones-- Tony has a lot of books out...and is an important figure in the emerging church movement. Read him if you enjoy possessing inner conflict.

Mark Oestreicher--"YSMarko"-- Marko is the President of Youth Specialties and stays on the leading edge of what's happening in youth ministry and youth culture in the US and even around the world.

Brian & Jacob--"Rethinking Youth Ministry"-- Brian and Jacob are fellow Disciple youth workers who help out a lot on their blog with youth ministry ideas and with thinking through important issues facing teenagers.

Matt Cleaver-- Another great voice in the youth ministry dialogue. Albeit a voice from Texas.

Don Sewell--"Old Guy Blogging"-- Another Californian, but a self-effacing Music and Arts Pastor who sees the world through different eyes.

Rebecca Woods--"News Muse"-- Rebecca is one the editors for DisciplesWorld magazine and helps me stay up to date on my colleagues and sister churches.

Mike Novelli--"Monkeys on Parade"-- Mike has a tendency to post some really funny and creative stuff.

Doug Jones--"Peregrinatio"-- If you can pronounce the title, you're in. Doug will help you connect with the more deeply spiritual arenas of life.

Matt Rhodes--"Faith & Family"-- Matt is from Virginia, I think, and works in the political arena. We often have very diverging views on things. But I always listen to what he has to say because he engages in critical examination regularly.

Bill Spangler-Dunning--"Propinquity With God"-- Bill is a friend and colleague, and he's got a knack for big, cool words.

Chris Folmsbee--"A New Kind of Youth Ministry"-- As you can guess from the title, Chris is another outstanding voice in the youth ministry dialogue.

Dennis Scheibmeir--"Reflection Chronicle"-- Dennis and I finished our undergrad together and I like to stay up on what he's doing.