Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Youth Ministry Christmas Gift Idea

Youth ministers need Christmas gifts, too. After all, most of them get paid less than they could earn working at the shopping mall. So I wanted to recommend a gift that any of you out there could get your youth pastor for Christmas this year.

The (un) Official Church Staff Manual: Youth Pastor Edition, by Mark Riddle.

This is not necessarily a follow-up to Mark's previous book Inside the Mind of Youth Pastors. Instead it's a book of humor and advice that will do a youth worker some good. I laughed the whole way through this book and saw myself in some of the pages. Mixed in with the humor are some serious words of wisdom, but it's your job to sort out which is which. The concept of this book is so good I'm considering submitting a Senior Pastor Edition.

And for right around five bucks you can't go wrong.

Click the book to link to a store.

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