Tuesday, September 22, 2009

10 things I learned this summer (First day of Fall edition)

Today is the first day of Fall, and "10 Things" is back. Since it's been so long I've decided to make this more than just a weekender. This time we're covering the whole summer.

1. There is nothing more stressful than purchasing property (except of course, selling it).
2. Indianapolis is sort of a neat city to visit, unless you're there during the summer and it's not race week. Football and basketball are out of season and there's no MLB team in sight. Unless you like shopping a whole lot or you really like museums, wait until Fall or Winter.
3. The NCAA Hall of Champions in Indy is LAME! Twelve bucks a pop to visit and it's not actually a museum of NCAA athletics or anything. It's just a giant gift shop with a few non-historically-significant replica jerseys hanging up.
4. If you're just scanning quickly and not reading closely, it's easy to mistake the H1N1 virus (formerly known as the Swine Flu virus) for being the Hiney Flu.
5. Ikea is a great place to buy furniture, but only if you live near it. If you want to buy something from them online they'll charge you $300 to ship a $100 item. (I just couldn't justify it.)
6. Labor Day is not a fun day to be on the lake. I need my own personal holiday where tourists aren't allowed to bring their boats on the water.
7. I want one of these.
8. I also want one of these.
9. The 2013 Disciples General Assembly is going to be in Orlando. I'm there!
10. The recession is over. But I think someone forgot to tell the economy.

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Michele Mayes said...

Okay, I will spring for the Butler toilet seat cover and rug... But the dog is a BIG NO!!!