Sunday, April 19, 2009

10 things I learned this week

"10 things" is back...this time in the 7 day variety.

1. When putting a child in a tube at a waterpark don't bend down quickly. You just might strike your head against something and get a gignormous goose egg on your cranium.

2. I got to visit Dubuque this past week and meet some of my professors for my doctoral program. Being back on a college campus is intimidating.

3. Hot dogs + crusty gas grill layered with char = delicious.

4. People are somewhat suspicious when you offer them something for free.

5. Super glue can be used to repair just about anything, including some skin lacerations.

6. Cage fighting came to my town, and I missed it. Aw, shucks. How ever shall I cope?

7. I found out that while I'm in Dubuque for my doctoral seminar we'll be taking a field trip and staying 24 hours at the Holy Wisdom Monastery in Middleton, Wisconsin (just outside Madison). I am uber-excited about this!

8. My youngest is now able to take the tray off his high chair unassisted and to knock down the gates that (used to) keep him in a particular room. He's getting too big too fast. It seems like it was just yesterday when he was a newborn.

9. A Nigerian prince needs my help getting a large sum of money into the country, and in return for my help, he's willing to let me keep some of it! I just need to send him enough personal information to allow him full access to my financial identity. That's not too much to ask, is it?

10. In the city of Dubuque, IA there is a Roman Catholic Church approximately every 0.62 blocks. It appears each family gets their own parish. I wonder if the Pope Mobile will ever be tricked out with a submerible hull and float that mighty Mississippi to Vatican City, USA.


Doug said...

talk to me about this doctoral deal - what kind of program... where... any concentration? I am about to pull the trigger on this deal, I think...



Dan Mayes said...

OK. I'll send you an email.