Monday, March 2, 2009

Good things

Today was a day of unexpected blessings...or at least some good surprises.

First came my lunch at Subway. As I approached the counter I saw something I hadn't seen there before...fresh brewed iced tea! Oh, my goodness, what a good thing! For so long all the Subways in town have been guilty of selling that nasty Lipton or Nestea garbage that comes out of the soda fountain and calling it iced tea. First of all, it's not iced tea. It's not even tea. Leaves never enter the production process. It's simply another chemical composition that's almost as bad for you as soda. But now, now my iced tea exile is finally Subway at least.

The second surprise came during my workout today. I decided to skip the usual routine at the YMCA and work out at the hospital facility instead. I've been weighing in at the YMCA at weights fluctuating between 241 and 244. And that's in just shorts, no shoes or shirt. Today, I stepped on the scale at the hospital and it came in at 240. And that was fully clothed! Either I lost a bunch of weight overnight or the scales at the YMCA are inaccurate (which I suspect is the case since I've never seen a calibration sticker on them). So I asked my friend Carolyn, who's a nurse there, if the scale was accurate. She affirmed, but also showed me the constantly-calibrated extremely-accurate digital scale the hospital uses for cardiopulmonology. The reading was the same. After changing, I weighed my clothes and shoes at just under 3 pounds. So my real weight was actually about 238...three pounds less than I thought I weighed. At my last physical, the doctor's office weighed me in at a hefty 265 pounds. So my total weight loss in the last two months is 27 pounds. Awesome!!!

Here's the before and afters so far:

Note: The pic on the left is also on my license. So it sucked in addition to being fat. I had less disturbing fat pics, but I chose this one for the intensity of the effect.

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Laura Rico said...

That is great, Dan! Congrats on the weight loss (I know it's not an easy feat!) - keep up the good work!