Thursday, March 19, 2009

Go figure...and looking for answers

So I have now officially lost 30 pounds! I'm really happy about it. It feels good to take better care of myself and get back in shape. I can't believe that just 3 months ago I was carrying around the equivalent of a small child everywhere I went.

But on the flip side, over the last week I've developed some health concerns. Just when I start actually taking care of myself...go figure!

Now, we're searching for answers.

Yesterday I had an ultrasound done in search of gall stones. But none were found. Then I had a CT scan done, which basically found out nothing (as far as digestively) except for the fact my lymph nodes are slightly enlarged.

So tomorrow I go in for something called an EGD, in which they'll scope out my stomach and do a little biopsy. Then on Monday I'll do a Hydrascan, which is a test to see if my gall bladder has shut down or not. Then later next week I'll have a colonoscopy just to make sure there aren't more serious things going on.

So I appreciate your prayers as we search for answers and try and get me healthy again. The one bright side I can claim, though, is that at least I won't be gaining the weight back in the immediate future!


Laura said...

Have them look at your pancreas while they're checking out the gallbladder.

Dan Mayes said...

Thanks, Laura, they did.

I did get some answers today. I've got 3 things going on. I have to have my gall bladder taken out, as it's barely functioning. I also have bad gastritis. It hasn't developed into ulcers yet. But I have to get it medicated and under control before they'll take the gall bladder out. And the last thing is Acid Reflux Disease. But who doesn't have that?

Laura said...

WOWZERS! Well, I hope after all of this you'll be feeling MUCH better!