Monday, January 5, 2009

Biggest Winner

Our local YMCA and Hospital team up annually and have a little contest called the Biggest Winner. Four people are selected to meet daily with a personal trainer and a nutritionist for a four week period. At the end of the four weeks, the person who's made the most improvement (weight, body mass index, etc...) wins a year-round membership to the facilities.

To my surprise, I received a call on Saturday explaining that I was picked. So I'm ready to get started. I did all the tests today, all the ones that reconfirm how out of shape I am (just in case I forgot) and start the workout regimen tomorrow. I'm excited.

Even more exciting: my friend Dave was picked for the contest, too. Dave also goes to my church, so we're making a bit of a contest out of it.


DennisS said...

Alright! You can do it!

Rebecca said...

Go Dan!! I'm glad they don't call it the "Biggest Loser."