Saturday, December 6, 2008


You've got to hand it to the Sooners. They really spanked Mizzou tonight in the Big XII title game. And even though I'm thrilled to see Mizzou get humbled again, I'm even more thrilled to see the OU football team show off a tremendous lack of intelligence.

Winning the game tonight all but assured OU of a spot in the National Championship game in Miami, Florida. So during the team photos the players all held up oranges. Thing is, there are two bowl games in Miami this January, the National Championship and the Orange Bowl. The Orange Bowl is NOT the National Championship game. Both games happen at Dolphin Stadium. Both games are BCS bowls. But they are two different games. One, the bigger, better one, has nothing to do with oranges. So were the Sooners stating their desire to go to a lesser bowl game? Or were they just ignorant of the very system in which they play?

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andy beck said...

awesome post... i didn't watch the game because i was too busy trying to teach the MU secondary how to have something that even remotely looked like a pass defense.