Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Advent Liminality

Advent is a difficult season for me liturgically. As Christians, we find ourselves living in a liminal state, one of flux, seated between the original advent of Christ and the eventual second advent of Christ. And being in-between is always difficult.

So Advent is a time of living between the Already and the Not Yet. Christ has come already and has begun establishing the Kingdom of God. But Christ is also still coming and the Kingdom of God is still birthing.

As people of faith what does it mean to live between the Already and the Not Yet? What does it mean to live between the Advents? What does it mean to live in a liminal existence? And what does it mean that Christ has come and will come?
These are the questions I'm wrestling with lately. And I find that as a Christian I celebrate, especially this season, the original advent, or the first-coming of Christ. And I await as all the faithful, Christ's establishment of the New Order. But in the time between I find that Christ keeps on continually coming into our world. Christ advents daily, hourly, constantly, each time different, but each time real. The Kingdom continues birthing, continues growing, continues trying to break in and shake things up. And each time I am evident of Christ's arrival I'm aware there's so many more of his arrivals I don't perceive.

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