Monday, December 22, 2008

10 things I learned this weekend...Christmas edition

10 things is back, this time with some Christmas cheer! Have a cup of cider and learn along with me as I tell you what I figured out on the weekend before Christmas.

1. 6-10 inches of snow plus 30-40 mph winds equals one heck of a cold day.
2. Your snowblower will inevitably fail to function right before the biggest snow of the year.
3. Smart people go buy a new one the night before it hits (as I did:)
4. When a 17 month old pukes, there's no point holding a bowl. Aiming is useless.
5. The puke of a 17 month old, for some reason, smells much worse than the puke of older children.
6. No puke smells good. It's all bad. Really, really bad.
7. You don't cancel church due to inclement weather based on "forecasts." Those clowns are always wrong. (Thank God I didn't make that mistake.)
8. You don't cancel church due to inclement weather on the Sunday before Christmas. If you do, an elderly lady might just call you a sissy. (Again, thank God I didn't make that mistake. But I did find it hilarious when I heard the lady say it about someone else.)
9. Just because a 17 month old has gone a day without puking, doesn't mean the flu is gone.
10. Puke smells worse the second time around.

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