Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lame Duck O Rama

I think the truest test of a leader's motivation is determined by what they're actions are like when they're not worried about retaining their position of leadership. This is not to negate their actions while in power, but to say that when someone isn't worried about retaining their status they're free. They're free not to have to please people. They're free not to have to worry about what comes next.

I've seen pastors test their mettle in situations like this. Like when their ministry finally comes to that crossroad where they say, "I don't care whether I get fired or not. I'm going to do what's best for the church and for Christ's ministry." Sometimes they get themselves fired. Sometimes they don't. But in any case, when they stop trying to retain their power or position we get to see what they really care about, what's really important to them, what they really stand for.

So today, regardless of how the election turns out, we have the opportunity to see what our current president is really all about. There's no more need to stay out of the way. No more need for him to try and retain control for his party. Either way, the matter will have been decided, for four years at least.

So what will we see from him? What is it that he really cares about? Have we seen it already?

Hopefully we'll begin to see something different, something where making a positive difference supercedes party control.


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