Thursday, October 30, 2008

Band Name Meme

Riddle tagged me in a meme that's kind of fun. You follow the instructions below to come up with your hypothetical band's name, album title, and cover art for the first album.

Here's how it works:

Click here to get a random wiki page. The title of the page is your band name.
Click here for a random quote generator. The last four words of the quote are the album title.
Click here for an interesting photo from flickr, which will serve as the cover art.

So my new band will be: Television Stations in Michigan
My first album will be: Nothing More Than Slavery
Cover art:

And Mark thought I'd wind up with some irony a la Amy Grant!

This was fun, so I'm gonna tag a few people:

Doug Jones, let's just hope it's more pronounceable than his blog title.
Danny Bradfield, so we can see what's happening in the Signal Hill music scene.
Dennis Scheibmeir, so we can see what his is pre-destined to be.
Jeremy Zach, because someone is likely to take offense at whatever he posts.
Tammie, because she's posted so many pics her cover art will likely be one of her own.

1 comment:

jeremy zach said...

thanks for the tag.

i was Zygmunt Szendzielarz
album title: loses his misery