Saturday, July 19, 2008

Off to camp

I'm off to our region's conference center to direct a week of camp. And after 10 years of counseling and directing church camps, I get a completely new experience. That's because this year I get to direct a "specialty" camp.

Our region has several "specialty" camps, such as a mission work week camp, a wilderness backpacking camp, and a canoe trip camp. I get the privilege this year of directing our camp known as Equestrian Camp. It's a six day camp for 7th-12th graders in which they get to participate in a "rustic" camping experience. None of the nice air-conditioned lodges for us. We get the old doggies down the hill. And none of that nice staff-prepared food in an cool, comfortable dining hall. We get to cook our own food each day over an open fire. And I cannot forget, the reason for the name of this camp, our campers get to spend four hours of each day learning to ride horses at a ranch near the camp.

This is really cool.

I like this idea because it attracts a certain group of kids who are there because they want to be there. And, amazingly, all of our campers are girls. Not one boy is attending this camp. Now, I'm sure there are boys out there who would love to ride horses all week. So I'm wandering if it's the daintiness of the name "Equestrian" that keeps them away, or if there's some other reason boys aren't showing up. This leads me to the reason I like this camp. Typically it's a struggle with mixed-gender camps to get a certain few kids involved. You know the ones I mean. There are always those kids who go to camp to hook up with the opposite sex instead of to hook up with God. For once in my career I can truthfully say, "There will be none of that this week."

So what do you think? Do you like the idea of specialty camps? Do you like the idea of having horseback riding during the week? What are your theories as to why no boys are involved in this camp?

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DennisS said...

I'm guessing it wasn't marketed to the boys. They weren't told that there would be 10 girls for every boy, that there is a way to accelerate and brake and turn.

Mostly, I'm guessing they didn't attend, because they don't want to look foolish in front of all these girls who seem to know how to ride already.

Besides, they think video games are more fun.