Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I wanted to take this opportunity to do a little bragging on behalf of my congregation. They've been working really hard on some things recently and deserve a little praise. A few months ago we started discussing the concept of Need-based or Needs-Oriented Evangelism. The result of that study and discussion was a headlong endeavor into bringing Angel Food Ministries into our community.

It's really been an amazing experience. This ministry has grown at our church incredibly rapidly. And I have seen lives touched and blessed in a relatively short amount of time. Another thing that's amazing: between our 2 services we average about 90-100 people each week, and on days that we do our food distribution we have anywhere from 50-60 volunteers show up to help. That's an incredible amount of participation and contribution! It's amazing to watch this congregation come together around such a great ministry, to see them working hard, talking, joking, and even playing around. What an inspiration.

Disciplesworld Magazine has run a feature article about it here.

The Spencer Daily reporter ran a story here.

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