Monday, July 7, 2008

10 things I learned this weekend

1. Iowa has the most restrictive laws about fireworks I've ever seen. Nothing but sparklers and kiddie stuff is legal without a permit. Not even firecrackers. This is one way I actually do miss Oklahoma a little bit.

2. Always check your receipt at the grocery store and make sure you didn't pay double.

3. Any grownup who can wear a Spongebob shirt in public and not feel self-conscious is cool.

4. Ford has recalled, redesigned, and reconstructed the DPFI Sensor for my 2002 F-150 about 4 times. None of the new replacements fit the old wiring harness.

5. If I drive 10 miles in any direction from the city I live in I can find gas anywhere from 10 to 20 cents cheaper. You tell I being ripped off?

6. Some people can't take a joke.

7. My wife is now just 2 short weeks away from finishing her degree. Congratulations!

8. Fedex will always come during the lunch hour.

9. One thing I love about Iowa is the abundance of produce stands with fresh, locally grown sweet corn. This week I learned to like it a little bit less since the cost has gone through the roof.

10. Milk in a box really doesn't taste much different than milk in a jug.


Andy Beck said...

you're being ripped off.

Pastor Scott said...

Brother Dan,
We are being ripped off by the gas prices in town.
I don't understand why - except local businesses might believe they can profit from out of town travelers to our local Lakes area. But I would rather see a discounted price by a cent or two and see just how many more people come to town to eat/ shop/ etc.

Michele Mayes said...


You are right gas prices are to high in Spencer. However, we are better off than most people. We can get anyhwere in Spencer without the use of gas. Didn't that doctor tell you to push your knee to the limit. In my opinion you should be riding your bike or walking anyway. Not only is it good for you, but I do belive we still have a bet going on as to who can take off 20 pounds first. I also think I am beating you by a couple of pounds. Right?! You wouldn't want your wife winning would you. After all I have already revceived a much higher GPA than you did in your Bachelor's program. What happened to that competitive guy I married? Did 4 children soften you up that much? I love you!!!

Your Beautiful Wife,