Monday, June 9, 2008


Wednesday I'll be leaving town and heading down to Kansas City for a week to spend time with my family. It's a much needed vacation, as I've been going non-stop since I got here. So, I'm going to spend a few thousand frequent flier miles and get out of town.

The other night I was talking with my wife about where we would attend church on Sunday. Our normal tradition is to visit the church my wife grew up in, Lee's Summit Christian Church, which is in a growing suburb southeast of the city. But since our opportunities to visit other churches and other traditions are so rare, we're thinking of going somewhere we might have a different experience, somewhere we might learn something new.

I'm really stoked about this opportunity to finally visit this church and maybe also this church.

If you've ever been to either of these churches and have an experience you'd like to share, be sure and leave a comment. It would really be cool to at least know a little bit about what to expect.


Laura Rico said...

Not sure on those two. We attended Westside Family Church (in Lenexa) when we lived there.
Have a great vacation!

DennisS said...

How long have you been there? How many weeks a year are you supposed to take?

Jeremy said...

It was nice talking to you on Thursday and I enjoyed meeting Michelle. I looked Jacob's Well up and visited their website and it sounds really cool. Pass on anything you can think of.


Clif Guy said...

I'm the IT Director at Resurrection and the husband of a DOC church planter. Resurrection is a great experience and so is Living Water. See my bio page for details:

E-mail me at clif dot guy at cor dot org if I can help arrange a facility tour or anything else you would like.

Dan Mayes said...


Thanks for the invite. I was able to get to Jacob's Well this morning, but Father's Day activities prevented me from getting to Resurrection for the evening service. I'll visit next time I'm in KC, which shouldn't be long. I'll look you up when I do.