Thursday, April 17, 2008

I can't wait!

For July 1, 2008. That's the day that I'll finally be able to go to a restaurant with my family and not have to choke down smoke with our meal!

The Iowa State Legislature FINALLY passed a ban on smoking in public places. They did, however exempt Casino gambling floors and the Veteran's home, 2 places I don't ever go. Surprisingly, though, it came by a slim vote because it was not a total ban...I guess some felt it was unjustly inequal.

Frankly, I really don't care if the casinos did get partial treatment. I'd rather have smoke in the Casinos and the ability to breathe everywhere else than have smoke everywhere.


DennisS said...

People gamble anyway in a Casino, so they may as well gamble with their lungs too.

In regard to the Veterans Home, why don't you go there? I've visited one that's 1.5 hours away, and another that's 2.5 hours away. And I didn't know anyone at either place before visiting.

Maybe I'm just crazy, as I visit the local nursing home a time or two each week, and make the rounds. People like it when you recognize them and can call out their name. Today I took the 4 year old granddaughter of our organist with me. There were lots of smiles all around!

Dan Mayes said...

I'll have to make some time to visit.