Monday, March 10, 2008

10 things I learned this weekend...discovery edition

So here's the latest edition of 10 things...

1. Today I learned how to dismantle and clean an inlet screen on a water fountain. Boy, was that fun.

2. Even when you check the rooms after your kids "clean" still can't be sure of cleanliness. Today we took advantage of the day off school and gutted the rooms and rearranged. Socks were found in unimaginable places. Legos journeyed to placed no legos had ever gone before.

3. The flu really sucks...

4. I discovered some friends I'd lost contact with for a few years. They had moved...we had moved...Christmas card lists were not properly updated...and I'm glad to be in touch with them again. Thank God for facebook!

5. Yesterday I learned the intricacies of how ice dams form on roof tops. I spent the afternoon on the roof breaking up a dam so as to repair water leakage.

6. One of the things we enjoyed about moving out of the city and into a more rural environment was the change in school systems. Though we're impressed with the quality of teachers here, I've learned some things never change. The school system has to cut a ridiculously large amount of money out of the budget and, of course, has decided to cut in all the wrong places. Way to go.

7. Though I got my new TV a little over 3 months ago, I just now got around to trying all the new features on it. So I tried the panoramic setting on a basketball game and just about got motion sickness. Then I tried a different setting that stretched everything out really wide and made people look disproportionately fat. I like this I get to see what celebrities would look like without all the surgery.

8. When the girl scouts show up with your cookie order, and yours is delivered in one of the bulk cases they are shipped in, you might just like Caramel Delights and Thin Mints a bit too much.

9. I discovered that a nearby town, Emmetsburg, has some Irish historical roots and is a sister city to Dublin, Ireland. I've always liked St. Patty's Day and have had a special interest in Celtic spirituality and history, and this year is looking to be pretty cool. And on another note about St. Patty's day, visit here, and sign the petition to make it an official holiday, but hurry, it has to be done by midnight on March 16th.

10. The most blessed discovery of the year so far...drumroll please...grass! There are finally a few blades of grass peeking through in the front yard!

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