Monday, February 11, 2008

What's eating me up today

I just started thinking about the first day I started seeing presidential campaign ads. And then I started thinking about when the election will finally be over. I realized that this campaign, start to finish, will total nearly two years.

Currently in the race, there are three candidates with realistic hopes, McCain, Obama, and Clinton, all of whom are currently serving terms in the US Senate.

So that's a two-year span where three of our Senators are basically useless to their constituents and to the legislature. Yes, they say they're working, but when they're campaigning so much, how much of their day jobs are they actually doing? And they attend the bare minimum sessions of the Senate they possibly can to avoid trouble, while maximizing their campaigning time. Being at meetings is not the only job of a Senator.

That's three Senators, each with taxpayer paid salaries of $165,200 annually who are really not doing the jobs we're paying them for. According to my math, thats an extra $495,600 per year, or $991,200 for the total campaign duration that we could be saving (not including the per-diems and the fringe benefits). Throw in benefits and include the salaries of those other Senators who've now dropped out and we've got a couple million dollars of wasted taxpayer money.


I demand a refund!

Senators McCain, Obama, & Clinton, will you join the efforts to stimulate the US economy and refund your salaries earned while campaigning? We could use that money to create a couple of jobs. Will you encourage your dropped-out counterparts to do the same? Or if you're opposed to us putting that money into new jobs, why don't we put it towards paying off that national deficit?

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