Saturday, February 16, 2008

A weekend away, and a great weekend back

This weekend we took the kids down to Kansas City to see their grandparents over Valentine's Day. Michele and I got to have a little fun revisiting the Plaza. If you've never been, you should check it out sometimes. We got to go out for a nice evening at the Melting Pot. I know, a bit spendy, but it's once a year and it's Valentine's Day.

While on the Plaza we visited the Barne's & Noble. And then I noticed something about me had changed. When I lived in the city I absolutely hated chain bookstores. I did what I could to avoid going to B&N or to Borders. I tried to shop local independent bookstores whenever I could. But living away from that luxury for so long changed something. Walking into that great 4-story bookstore filled with the fresh aroma of Starbucks just really charged me up. So I sold out. Oh well.

Today, we returned home, just in time to participate in an ordination at our church. We were ordaining a young woman who grew up in our congregation and recently finished seminary. It was great. Participating from the other side is always incredible. I wish I had more opportunities to do this. Every ordination I've participated in, when we lay hands on the person I remember hands being laid on me at my own ordination. And when the ordinand says their vows I'm always reminded of the vows I took at my own ordination. What a great reminder of my calling!

We were also blessed to have Dr. Joey Jeter present to preach. He'll be preaching again tomorrow. I can't wait!

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fccred said...

I don't believe I have ever seen so many robes in our church!! What a wonderful site! We were truly blessed to have in our presence so many fine men and women of the Lord!