Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a little more like home

I've been jonesin' for some good coffee for about 5 months now...too bad nobody told me about this place sooner. Hello and thank you to my new friends at Shaky Tree Coffee. Good coffee, good vibe, good people...kind of reminds me of Doubleshots in Tulsa. A place I can call my second home. Many books will be read here.

Nothing beats a warm, comfortable place with excellent coffee and fashionably hairy baristas. The only problem I have is that it's only open until 6 pm M-Th and until 8 pm on Friday & Saturday. I guess I won't be able to resume my old routine of putting the kids to bed and going out for some coffee, reading, and possibly conversation at 9 or 10 pm (sometimes later). I guess the old schedule will have to be revised.

But, take one look at this fine specimen of coffee and ask yourself, "Isn't it worth it?"


Tammie said...


TreeBed said...

Glad you found us... and good to meet you today.

We'll see if someday we can revive that old routine ;-)