Friday, February 29, 2008

fighting foo for me and you

Yesterday evening was great!

I finally got to use one of my Christmas presents. Michele got me a ticket to the Foo Fighters concert in Council Bluffs. So I went down to the Mid America Center and saw a really good show.

Here's the review:

The first opening act was a punk (sort-of) band called "Against Me!" and they were pretty decent. They weren't quite ready for the big stage, but no third-bill band is. Punk usually doesn't work that well in arenas, but it was adequate here. They had great energy, enthusiasm, they were tight stylistically. I would love to see this band play as the headliner in a much smaller venue. A crowded 200-300 capacity gig would have been fun.

The next act was Serj Tankian. Long story short--I would have left to get a hotdog and a soda but I had too good of a spot for watching the Foo Fighters and I didn't want to lose it.

And finally, the Foo Fighters. This show was a tour de force! Walking into the arena I saw that mainstage and had an opportunity to get up close. But then I saw the big circle in the middle of the arena...hmmm...I chose to stand there. Having an unobstructed view, I was able to see the mainstage perfectly. But then that incredible acoustic set from the center stage...that was incredible! A fourty five minute acoustic being less than five feet from Dave that was great! A perfect mix of new releases and old favorites, a feat which few bands can pull off successfully. And Dave really knows how to work a crowd...he truly is the modern day rock star. This goes down as one of the best shows I've been to. Thanks foo fighters, on behalf of all of us citizens whom you protect from the Foo.

One more thing was especially cool about this show: the crowd. I expected to walk into an arena full of teenagers and feel like the creepy old guy. The teenagers were there, but so were those of us who were teenagers during Dave Grohl's pre-Foo-Fighters days with Nirvana. There were plenty of people my age (not yet thirty put pushing it) and plenty of people older than us. I'd say a good third of the crowd were people in their 30's and 40's. I saw some over-50's there too. Now that was cool. Rarely does an "all ages" show mean all ages. (I experienced a similar phenomenon a few years ago at a U2 concert. Except, all the 20-50 somethings were there, but the teenagers were absent.) I guess it's proof positive of their mass appeal across the usual lines of age and genre.

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