Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year Brings Deliverance

The Wittenburg Door, popular Christian satire artists, have outdone themselves this time. With this year's list of Televangelists' New Year's Resolutions.

My favorite comes from my old home town of Tulsa, from Mister Richard Roberts, who resolved: "to cancel my wife's cell phone contract, skip the annual home remodeling at university expense, return her red Mercedes convertible and white Lexus SUV, and see about the possibility of shredding the document-shredding machine. Oh yeah, and find a way to unplug the Unblinking Eye of Sauron from the ORU Prayer Tower and take it with me."

There are some other good resolutions, especially the ones by Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen.

Truly hilarious stuff. And remember, as with all good comedy, where there is humor there is usually truth (In this case there's quite a bit).

If you've never checked out the Wittenburg Door, take some time and browse around. Just make sure to bring your sense of humor with you.

ht to Marko

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