Monday, November 19, 2007

What's happening on the blog roll...

Here are some things going on at the other blogs I keep up with:

Jeremy is reflecting about the movie American Gangster and is discussing our akwardness when praying at the table. Visit him here.

Tammie is thinking about the new Christmas movie What Would Jesus Buy? She's done a great job reviewing this film. Visit her here.

Brian is digging the new Matchbox 20 song How Far We've Come. It's an excellent song, on a great album (which is on my Christmas list, by the way), and an even better video. He's also reflecting on a pretty cool picture. Visit him and his co-author Jacob here.

Doug is recapping his lectures presented at the National YouthWorkers Convention. Visit him here.

Matt is still on a high from an evening with Desmond Tutu. How lucky. Visit him here, just disregard the Guiliani, Romney, and Thompson ads.

Mark isn't quite sure how to do his job. Visit him here.

Danny has an amazing gifted son. I'm wondering if we're missing something in our ministry when dealing with gifted kids. Check it out here.

Chris is speaking a lot...and traveling a lot. Here he goes.

Kyle is celebrating the Oklahoma Centennial by thinking of things that are older than Oklahoma. His wife may be angry about his list. Here it is.

Mike is informing us of National Homeless Awareness Month and helping us know what to do about it. Go here.

Marko is being self-critical in his evaluation of the National YouthWorkers Convention here.

Richard is linking us up to the Internet Monk. Here's the link.

Have fun visiting my friends!

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jeremy zach said...

I appreciate your updates on the blog roll.