Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Life is good (Happy Thanksgiving!)

This year, our family's thanksgiving is truly one to remember. As I reflect on some recent developments in my life, I have much to thank God for.

1. We closed on our house in Tulsa today, meaning it is officially no longer ours. Though it was an expensive sale for us, we are thankful to look forward to our next chapter in life with no hindrances. We are thankful we had a great real estate agent, Blake, who really worked hard.

2. This Sunday is the liturgical Festival of Christ the King, and the lectionary texts are quite interesting for this time of year. The Gospel text is particularly interesting since it is the Lukan text on the Crucifixion. Though it may seem weird to think about this right before advent, it puts things in great perspective. I am incredibly thankful for the sacrifices of Christ on my behalf.

3. The Jayhawks are 11-0. I am, of course, hoping they'll keep winning. But even if they were to lose this week they'd likely still go to a BCS bowl, which is a wild idea. Even if they lose out, they still notched more wins this year than ever before in history. Thanks for some great fun and for some payback for all of those many disappointing seasons.

4. There are many children...friends and extended family...It's 27 degrees out right now. Praise be to God!

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