Monday, October 1, 2007


Sorry for the long silence. The last two weeks we've spent moving. We're now in Iowa, getting settled in. Today is my first official day in the office at the new congregation.

I haven't had internet access for about a week and a half. My already-sorry Fantasy Football team was not updated this week (2 players out with no way to change it) and so I will likely lose to the next-to-last-place team. I hate pretend football.

I promise I'll post more soon.


mark said...

bro you won. you beat paul.

Dan said...

I know. Thank God for Sammy Morris. But what is that. Boldin was out injured and Randle El was out on a Bye and I couldn't get to a computer to update it. I just figured with 2 players registering a 0.00 it was a sure loss.