Monday, October 8, 2007

The first week

I've now completed my first full week at my new congregation. What a relief to have that in the past! I was a bit jittery approaching the Saturday evening service, maybe a little less jittery approaching the Sunday morning service. I think my desire not to mess up kept me a little rigid in the pulpit.

This past Saturday the church hosted a fall bazaar and omelet breakfast. We estimated that we served about 250-300 omelets. Seeing the church come together to make this happen, and seeing the community come and participate, were both very good things. And the bake sale, oh yeah, the bake sale! It was good. Smore's clusters...peanut butter bake cookies...need I say more?

This upcoming week is looking to be a bit hectic. I'll be visiting several congregants in their homes, having some different meetings with different leaders, and we've got a board meeting, too.

One special part of the activities from yesterday was meeting the youth of this congregation. A few of them have been waiting anxiously for us to get some more youth activities going quickly, and have gone out of their way to talk to me about it. It's good to see the desire, excitement, and enthusiam they show towards what is, right now, an unknown future. We're holding a youth ministry forum later this month for us to discuss our dreams, ideas, and to begin discussing what sort of effort we're going to have to put into this. One thing that has changed a bit about my role here is that youth ministry recruiting and programming has a different feel to it. It's hard to describe at this point, but there's definitely a different edge to it than there is when you're the primary youth leader.

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