Thursday, October 25, 2007

10 things I learned this week

So it's not the weekend.... I changed the name....

Here goes:

1. With LT on the bench, Riddle is nothing.

2. The Vatican is beatifying 498 people (mostly priests, nuns, etc...) who were killed during the Spanish civil war in the 1930's. The beatification comes just days before the Spanish Parliament will pass a bill giving "symbolic" reparations to vicitms of the war and the Franco dictatorship. This is angering many people who think the Roman church should apologize for supporting Franco. To me, as a casual outside observer, it appears to be a tremendous political jab at the socialists.

3. Operating a boiler heating system is not all that complicated if you don't have to regulate the water temperature (which I don't--at home).

4. Operating a boiler heating system is very complicated if you do have to regulate the water temperature (which we do--at church).

5. In rural church settings, having any sort of meeting is incredibly easy when it rains so much that farmers can't get combines on the fields but nearly impossible when they finally can (this is a bit new for me).

6. Iowa State is a good enough team to lose by 10 to anyone in the country (though I do have to give them credit for the 1 point shocker over 3-5 Iowa). I was really rooting for them on Saturday (anything to shut up the covered wagon fans) but it just wasn't meant to be.

7. Fans of SEC schools hate losing to Alabama. They hate it even worse when you say "Roll Tide!" the next day.

8. KU is a better team than even I once thought. Sure, we probably will wind up with a loss or two, but I'm really enjoying not counting the days until basketball season anymore.

9. It takes 4, sometimes 5 losses before Oklahoma fans start to think maybe they don't deserve the national championship ( I knew this one for a while, but I got a painful reminder of the blind arrogance this week).

10. 3 year olds don't differentiate situational behavior like adults do. When they see their daddy, even if it's at church, and even if he's behind the pulpit, they'll still say "Hi, daddy!" which I think is awesome.


jeremy zach said...

This is another great blog!! I love the learned list. Keep them coming.

in his grip,

bojipete said...

As I recall, Iowa was undefeated at the time of their loss in Ames. Could the same fate await the MIGHTY JAYHAWKS?

Dan said...

Anything is possible, Glen. ISU was also undefeated at one point this season...before the first game!

As I said, we'll probably lose a game or two before it's over...I'm just enjoying it now. (And frankly, if we HAVE to lose, I'd rather it be to ISU than to the likes of Mizzou or the Nebrasky Shuckers.

But don't get your hopes up. That game is in Lawrence. What year did the bird-headed-tornadoes last win a road game? 2005? 2004?

dana said...

You are getting yourself in some pretty hot water..... I can't believe you would use such insulting words. ROLL TIDE. HOW DARE YOU!!


Taylor said...

I agree with Dana you are getting yourself in some boiling hot water.(believe me) Tenessee rocks! and we'll keep praying for ISU!:)