Saturday, September 15, 2007

iPhones are cool, but too expensive for me

I was at the Stacey Pastor's Workshop this weekend and, in addition to hearing Fred Craddock and Barbara Brown Taylor, I really enjoyed connecting with old friends.

One of those friends was my former schoolmate Scott Taylor, who pastors a congregation in Grand Island, Nebraska. He let me check out his iPhone. Believe me, it is cool. I would love to have one, but not enough to pay that kind of money. Yikes!

Getting to toy around with they iPhone caused me to get a little bit covetous...the same kind of covetousness I get when I'm working with a friend and they've got a MacBook that's doing all sorts of cool stuff and I'm stuck with my pc that gets slower every day, has the usual Microsoft random error messages every hour or so, etc..., etc...

This video has been circulating around a while, and I found it funny:

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