Tuesday, September 18, 2007

College football and Pat Forde rant

In response to Pat Forde (ESPN.com) and the Sept. 18th Forde Yard Dash.
Doubtful that he'll respond to my email next week.


Answer a question for me, please. You say that Purdue is a team worth buying and Kansas is a team worth selling, citing scheduling as your reasons.

Did you not read your own article?

Kansas and Purdue have played 2 of the same opponents. Kansas whopped up much bigger numbers both times. And for the third, SELSU and EIU might as well be the same team.

I admit, Kansas has played no one of significance. We don't have any idea how good or bad the Jayhawks are. But you think they're going to sit around .500 and Purdue is going to vie for the Big Ten title? That either means you didn't even proofread your own article, or you think the Big Ten is the easiest conference in the land. How measly is measly, really? Which is it?

Dan Mayes
Tulsa, OK

My own thought is that it's a combination of both. Forde didn't proofread and think critically about his own article. As for the only logical explanation of why he thinks Purdue will compete for the Big Ten title: The Big Ten is so bad they're considering adding some Sun Belt teams to boost their profile.

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