Monday, August 6, 2007

Stress and fun

There's been an incredible amount of stuff going on around the Mayes house lately. We're still getting used to having another child around. Nathan is doing great, by the way. And we're having lots of fun with him. At first our third child was feeling a bit displaced, but he's doing better now. I walked into the room yesterday and caught him singing to the baby and he got a little embarrassed when he realized I was watching.

We're also trying to get things worked out for the move to Iowa. We'll be taking a trip up there later this month to look at houses, which I'm really stressed out about now since our house in Tulsa has still not sold. At this point we've basically resolved that the house probably isn't going to sell, so we're going to try and rent it out, which is also incredibly stressful. We're just hoping and praying that we'll either get an offer on the house or we'll find renters (good renters). Your prayers would be greatly appreciated in this process.

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Doug Jones said...

encircle the mayes family with provision
remove stress and anxiety and fill them with confidence
above, under behind and beside may they know The Mystery is tending