Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Messed up thanks to Tim and friends.

Check out this post on Mark Riddle's blog.

It's a video of Randy Bonifield from Kansas City performing a song at his church. It's about how "Left Behind" eschatology had a frightening affect on him as a child. I thought this funny but serious song was a good critique because his experience is apparently similar to mine.

I grew up in one of those churches that believed in and heavily taught an eschatology that focused on the concept of "Rapture." As a kid, this really scared me and as a teenager I found myself embedded in a religion of fear. This can really mess people up. In fact, I had problems in my approach to Christianity because of this teaching for many years.

Watch the video and see what you think.

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Brian said...

Dan, Thanks for pointing us to that video. It is simultaneously sad and funny. I really never heard anything about the rapture or even the book of Revelation growing up. But I was confronted withe Left Behind texts a few years back while youth pastoring in a small, fairly conservative Disciples church and the kids were eating them up. What is about those books that especially grabs teens?