Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hotter than fire!

One of the benefits of living in Tulsa is that when the PGA Tour Championship comes to town there's a possibility you might get to go...especially when you have friends that are willing to give up an extra ticket. I considered going earlier in the week, like to the practice rounds when the tickets were just $35 a pop instead of over a hundred. But the swealtering heat here in Tulsa was enough of a detractor to keep me home.

But today at church a friend of mine gave me an extra ticket he had. What a break! A free ticket to the final day of the championship! So I went...and I discovered just why there were extra tickets to be given away.

I parked in the public lot which was about a mile from the shuttles. I walked that mile over a recently resurfaced asphalt parking lot. The temperature was 102 degrees when I arrived.
And when I got to the course I discovered the entryway was about a mile from the first hole. Then I realized that when you're surrounded by hundreds of people, there is NO breeze.

I followed Tiger Woods around for about 3 holes until I could no longer take the heat of being in the large gallery. Finally I broke away and watched Ernie Ells for a while. After spending nearly $20 on three bottles of water and my thirst returning yet again, I finally went home.

When I returned to the parking lot to walk from the shuttle to my car, again over freshly resurfaced asphalt, I noticed the thermometer now read 104 degrees.

So I went home, took a cold shower, and wrote this blog.

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