Friday, August 17, 2007

A few recent discoveries...

I've spent today trying to pay attention to myself, to my thoughts, my emotions, and recent happenings in my life...trying to see what all needs work, what needs concentration, what needs prayer, and what I can learn/have learned. I won't tell you about all the interior stuff, but I will tell you a few things I have recently discovered...some about myself...others I just thought were interesting.

1. I greatly appreciate the ways my father has tried, and continues to try, to foster my faith. I didn't think a ghost-written autobiography by/about a professional football coach would have anything profound to say to me when I received it from him as a birthday gift last week...but I was wrong. And I am grateful. I think it was just the thing to speak directly into my life right now.

2. When you've resigned from your position at your congregation, even though it's not effective for another 6 weeks, your phone rings a lot less, you have a lot less voicemail, and your email inbox virtually shuts down. Guess that means I'm replaceable (which is a good thing, sort of).

3. Even when no one else is calling, people will still ask you to fix their computers.

4. Sprint PCS, one of the largest cellular phone providers in the United States, is not large enough to have local coverage in Clay County, Iowa.

5. If you have Sprint PCS and are in the middle of a contract you have to pay an early termination fee of somewhere between $150 and $200 per phone line.

6. If you move to Clay County, Iowa, or anywhere else that Sprint doesn't have local service, they have to cancel your contract AND waive the early termination fee. Perhaps the chamber of commerce up there should put this little tidbit of information in their brochures. The number of people who would do just about anything (including moving to Iowa) to cancel their sketchy-at-best Sprint coverage but cannot do so because they are locked into their contracts is unquantifiable.

7. Welsh Corgies, known for their long bodies and short legs, look hilarious when they jump in the air to catch a frisbee.

8. If any of my new friends who are Iowa State fans need any more ammunition with which to harass their University of Iowa rivals, all they need to do is read this story. Apparently, in the 1930's their university's researchers had a good reason to torture children into developing speech impediments. And we thought painting the opposing football team's locker room pink was bad!

9. Freshly baked cookies disappear much faster than store bought cookies.

10. With August comes the first day of school for your children. It's's inevitable. And also inevitable is the fact that although we've only had roughly two months sabbath, every single parent will completely forget the proper method for picking up their kids (and the parking lot only allows ONE-WAY traffic!).

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one-way is cool!