Thursday, July 5, 2007


I was tagged by Doug over at Perigrinatio to list the first 10 songs that come up in shuffle mode in my iTunes. I know Doug probably really only tagged me to find out how many CCM songs came up (wouldn't that be ironic-al), but here goes.
And so, I was caught in a bit of irony...even I was surprised. Here goes:

1. "Morning Bell" Radiohead

2. "In My Place" Coldplay

3. "Give My Love to Rose" Johnny Cash

4. "Every Time I See Your Face" Live

5. "Angels in Top Hats" House of Heroes (that's the only CCM song you get!)

6. "If I Had It All" Dave Matthews Band

7. "If I Could" Jack Johnson

8. "Out of Order" Duncan Sheik

9. "Bury Me With It" Modest Mouse

10. "Stand By My Woman" Lenny Kravitz

I hope you enjoy.
I tag:
Mark because he'll think it's cheesy.
Matt because he cooperated so nicely on the last one.
Brian because he's probably tagged me with this already and I just missed it.
Kyle because he probably doesn't read my blog and I need an excuse to attract him to it.
Insert your name here because I don't have a 5th person to tag.

1 comment:

Doug Jones said...

nicely done Dan!

oh and pretty good list - Radiohead! Johnny's American Recordings, DMB, Live and Modest Mouse... I think I could stand a road trip with you.

Thanks for playing along.