Saturday, July 7, 2007

10 things I learned this weekend

My wife and I cleared out a lot of junk from the closets in our house, the attic, and the garage, and we had a garage sale this weekend. Part of this was in preparation for the new addition to the family. Nathan Henri is scheduled for delivery by cesarean this coming Friday. We needed both the extra room and the extra money.

I learned a few things yesterday and today, during this garage sale.
1. I don't know my neighbors as well as I should.
2. It's amazing how much we'll pay for something when it's the latest fad and how little it's worth a few years down the road.
3. It's even more amazing how much junk you can accumulate in a short period of time.
4. Some banks will only make change for you if you're an accountholder. They'll actually force you to drive a few miles to your own bank, just to break a twenty, unless of course you want to open a new checking account (which will also give you the benefit of a new travel book-light).
5. QuikTrip will gladly break a twenty if you buy a pack of gum (and possibly even without it, I just needed some juicy fruit).
6. When it's rained for 34 out of the last 37 days, then stops, and the temperature hits the mid nineties, it gets really humid.
7. When it gets that humid, books sealed in a ziploc bag can get condensation!
8. There are a lot of people who really want to buy your stuff on the cheap, but they don't want to buy it badly enough to haul it to their own house-no matter how cheap it is.
9. I've always hated going to garage sales. Now I know I hate having them, too.
10. I really hate garage sales.

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