Monday, July 2, 2007

Do doctors know anything?

So last week I was at church camp working with High Schooler's from around our state. The rest of the staff was on alert the whole time, though, because my wife is pregnant, and we're late enough in the pregnancy that it could happen at any time. I was kind of hoping that I might get a call during the week...not because I want the baby to be early...but because we had a total of 2.7 hours with no rainfall the whole week. We renamed camp, "Rainapalooza."

On Friday, the last day of camp, the camp administrator droved up and got my attention. "Your wife is in the hospital," he said. I grabbed my stuff and drove about 400 miles per hour into town and met her at the hospital. The doctor sent her in because her blood pressure was too high.

The whole pregnancy her Iron levels have been too low, even with supplements. So she's been eating foods high in Iron, like fish. Of course, we realized that foods that are high in Iron are also high in Sodium. Sodium can cause freakishly high blood pressure.

So what does the doctor know?

As I was contemplating our fate--the nature of a treatment that causes another illness--I kept thinking about all of those prescription drug commericials on TV. "Take this pill and it'll lower your cholesterol...Side affects may include loss of vision and hearing, development of kidney stones, unusually hairy toe-knuckles, and loss of bladder control." Sounds like people are lining up at the Walgreens.

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