Saturday, July 21, 2007

10 things I learned this weekend.

1. The same teenager who has been bouncing off the walls in anticipation of a youth group trip for weeks will completely forget about the event during actual week of the trip.

2. When you're a pastor, you're never really on vacation, even when you're on vacation (I already knew this, but I always find myself re-learning it).

3. When you bring home a brand new baby, your other children seemingly grow 2-3 feet overnight.

4. The ice cream truck will inevitably drive by, loud music and all, right when all the kids have begun their naps.

5. The music the ice cream truck plays seems even louder the second time it drives by during the kids' naps.

6. Waffle House (or should I say, "Awful House,") does not have comfortable seating for six.

7. When you've traded cars with your mother-in-law so that she can babysit for a while, you just might wind up performing repairs on her car.

8. It's not fun pushing a car home, especially when it belongs to your mother-in-law.

9. When something that seems really strange happens, wait a few days before blogging about it. It might wind up being not that strange at all...or it might wind up still being strange, just in a very different way.

10. My neighborhood's "fill-in" mail carrier has a much more regular schedule than our "regular" mail carrier.

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