Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June, when the moon is near and the bees make honey

June is like a long extended Christmas for my least the credit card bills are similar. My oldest son's birthday is the last day in May. This coming weekend contains both Father's day and my wife's birthday (she's turning the big 3-0 and will not like seeing that fact in this blog). The following weekend is our anniversary.

And did I mention our fourth child is due to arrive 30 days or less?

It is a joyful time for us that we enjoy sharing together. And all of this celebration, mixed with our baby-anticipation, has got me seeing yet even more ways to express gratitude to God for the things in our lives.

We celebrate birthdays, but we can also be thanking God for the gifts of our loved ones all the time. We celebrate the anniversaries of our marriages but we can be daily reminding each other of our gratefulness for that commitment and working to strengthen our relationships. A little utopian sounding, you say? Perhaps, but it's just what I'm thinking about today.

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NoVA Dad said...

Sounds like a similar grouping in my family: wife's birthday November 21; anniversary December 14; Christmas December 25; first daughter's birthday January 8; second daughter February 6; mine March 3. And none of this takes into account my brother's November birthday, Mom in December, and both sisters in February. It's a busy time -- but I agree, it's a time full of blessings.