Saturday, May 5, 2007

off schedule

Yesterday I had a very strange day...strange because I was off schedule.

I woke up a little earlier than I normally do and couldn't get back to sleep. But I got tired in the early afternoon. I finally caved in and took a short nap with the kids. Of course, when bedtime rolled around I was too awake to sleep.

And it got me thinking...are the greatest physical challenges in life self-imposed?

Here's what I mean...people used to get up at daybreak...and we used to go to bed shortly after it got dark outside. But we don't do this anymore. We arrange our day by the clock. We don't sleep when we're tired because it's not time. And this pattern doesn't just happen with sleep. It happens in other areas of life, our eating patterns. We don't eat when we're hungry. We eat when it's time to.

So what would happen if we rearranged our lives by the natural rythyms that God created our bodies around? What would happen if we didn't eat at the usual times, but instead only ate when we were hungry? What would happen if we didn't sleep at the usual times, but instead only slept when we were tired?

Would we be more healthy?
I think so.

And I think quite possibly we'd be honoring God because we'd be living according to the natural rythyms around which we were created.

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Doug Jones said...

yes - a great thought. It is much like Leonard Sweet's great chapter in Soul Salsa - a chapter titled, "Clocks and Clouds." In which he talks about us living by clouds - the mysterious rhythms of life - versus the artificial mechanics of a clock.

Great post!