Friday, May 18, 2007

good preaching

So I've been reading a bit of Frederick Buechner lately.
And I'm inspired to be a better preacher.

I read the pages of the sermons collected in Secrets in the Dark, and I can't pull myself away. Reading the metaphors derived from perceptions on everyday life that have a deep connection to my own life, my own thoughts, my own feelings, makes me realize what's needed in preaching. People need to hear the gospel, the Good News, and they need for it to help them make sense out of life. Preaching needs to help people connect with things in their world and in their lives, and then help them along with seeing their world through the lens of faith. When you preach with depth of meaning such as this you cannot help but be passionate, to preach as though the whole world depends on it.
I hope I can preach half as well as Buechner writes.


NoVA Dad said...

I ran across your blog while doing a random search for Buechner (one of my favorites), and I really enjoyed your post. I've been reading his work for about two years now and have really enjoyed it; if you haven't had the opportunity to read any of his autobiographical works, you should do that as well; he's lived an amazing life and I'm so amazed by how he can teach in his inimitable, beautiful way to look at our lives and find how the Holy Spirit has been at work in it -- a thread running constantly through life.

I have a feeling you'd be interested in a few video clips that I found on-line about Buechner. The first is the first excerpt of a documentary done about him back in 2003; this is only the first 15 minutes or so, but I was so impressed I bought the entire video):

The second is of an appearance he made here in D.C. at the National Cathedral last year -- a tribute to him billed as "The Art of the Sermon." Other guests include Barbara Brown Taylor (another of my favorites):

Finally, an interview he did for the PBS show "Religion and Ethics Weekly":

Hope you find these enjoyable. I really like your blog, and hope you don't mind my linking it to my blog.

Doug Jones said...

Buechner is an amazing and has been an influential writer in my life.

I will have to pick up that newer title - Secrets in the Dark... thanks for the review!!