Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just for the record

This is a blog I posted on my old site...I felt the need to re-post it here...just for the record.

Taking me too seriously

Someone recently suggested to me that the tagline to this blog, "Dismantling bad theology one CCM artist at a time," is innappropriate because of it's attacking nature towards well-intended people.

In response, I can understand how it could be viewed that way. But, come on. It's sarcasm. Get a sense of humor!

For the record, I have not posted anything negative about any CCM artist on this page. As a matter of fact, there are a few CCM artists I actually like, though not many. And although I do find better theology in a lot of secular music than I do in most CCM music, (and though my own experience with the Christian music industry has proven to me that it's just as profit-driven and shallow as the secular music industry, if not even more so) I probably will continue to not post negative comments about CCM music.

Here's a word of advice for the future about my blog: If I write something that has meaning and value to you, claim it. If I write something that you disagree with, don't stew about it! And don't automatically assume that it's meant to be serious. A lot of times you'll find I'm just being sarcastic or that I'm talking in hyperbole...if you want clarification, just ask. And if I write something that you disagree with...good for the both of us! No one ever said we have to agree to be able to respect and care for each other.

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